Masking Monday: 10 Common Masking Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By now you all know that I always recommend masking as a solution for every problem. Even life problems… I firmly believe that masking fixes everything. Even if it’s just to give you a false sense of having your life together, masking is always worth it. Plus i nothing else is right, you might as well have amazing skin right…

However if you’re wondering why your mask doesn’t seem to be doing anything or giving you the results it gives everyone else, you’re probably making at least one of the following mistakes.

1. Buying Masks That You Don’t Need

Masks are like skincare and pads, one size does not fit all. Individual skin types and needs should play a major role in the mask selection process. You need to consider whether or not you have acne, breakouts, blackheads, oily areas, dry patches or uneven skin tone and how the mask in question will perform or react with regards to those skin concerns. Another thing you should check is what skin types the mask is recommended for. Some masks are specifically recommended for oily skin while others are for dry skin or acne prone skin. There are some that might work for all skin types but be aimed at specific skin concerns.

To Pick A Mask Follow This Process:

  1. Identify your skin type and skin concerns.
  2. Check for masks aimed at your skin concerns.
  3. Double check to ensure it is also conducive to your skin type in the area you intend to apply it.

2. Avoiding Multi-Masking


This is a massive mistake lots of people make. Different areas of the face will have different skincare concerns thus one mask still will not fit all. Yes, there are some masks that are great for full faces but sometimes the best way to achieve amazing results is to customize the masking experience by multi-masking. I’ve already addressed the benefits of multi-masking in a detailed post which I’ve linked above for those who have not seen it yet. So all I’ll say now, is simply that multi-masking enables you to treat each area of the face and consider the individual needs of these areas thus ensuring the best possible outcomes for the full face.

3. Incorrectly Using Skincare With Masks

Okay so this point covers a multitude of mistakes that we all make at some stage. The first one is lazily skipping cleanser before masking. All masks come with the standard “Apply to clean, dry skin.” instruction and when we’re in a rush most of us ignore the clean part and skip to sticking the mask on as fast as possible. However, by doing this we’re trapping dirt under the mask and reducing the masks ability to penetrate the skin effectively since it now has to work harder to get to the skin first. So for really great results always cleanse first.

So either we completely forget to cleanse our skin, or we do our entire skincare routine and then mask. This is just as bad. Once your serums, moisturisers and oils have been put onto the skin, a mask will be almost completely ineffective. Each layer of skincare that you add after cleansing adds another barrier on your skin. A mask needs to penetrate through cleansed skin. So first cleanse then mask then the rest.

Because the last and worst mistake of all in my opinion, is skipping the rest of your routine after masking. Especially if you’ve used a cleansing mask, your skin is squeeky clean but probably craving some moisturizing and loving. Always follow a mask with the rest of your skincare routine to ensure your skin is well nourished. This will ensure the best results.

Now, lets talk about mistakes you make when you’re putting the mask on.


3. Using Your Hands to Apply Your Mask

Hands collect dirt and oils from everything we touch and even with washing our hands thoroughly some of the bacteria and germs are still on your hands. For the best results I recommend using a paddle/flat foundation brush to apply masks, not only is it much more sanitary, it will also give you the smoothest application.

Talking about application, the next point might surprise you.

4. Applying Way Too Much Product

Most masks require only a thin layer. Applying more will not make the  mask more effective or work faster, if anything it will just take forever to dry.  You’re simply wasting product. A thin, even layer will dry on time and be just as effective. Plus, using less product means there’s more for later.

5. Not Reading the Instructions

I am particularly guilty of this. I tend to buy tons of Korean Beauty Masks and more often than not they have no English on the package so naturally instead of googling how to use it, I wing it. Then I wonder why it’s not doing what it should. A lot of masks have very specific instructions that are easy to overlook when you’ve used a few masks. But, like that time I reviewed the bubble mask, one simple instruction can activate the main ingredients of the mask.201806301156237596

Not reading the instructions probably leads to the next mistake as well.

6. Not Removing the Backing Paper on A Sheet Mask

Sheet masks might come with a backing layer which is designed to help them not stick to themselves when they’re folded up in the package. If you do not remove the backing paper, the mask loses its effectiveness and leads to another mistake common with sheet masks.

7. Not Ensuring the Mask is Sticking to the Skin Properly

So obviously, if the backing paper is still on, the mask is not as sticky as it should be. Sheet masks only work if they adhere correctly to the skin.

Tips to ensure you get the best out of your mask:

  1. Make sure to customize massive masks so that they fit your face and will lay flat against the skin. Cut the mask to fit your face.
  2. But if you’re anything like me, the first step is just too much effort and really messy. So instead I make sure to press the mask firmly down, focusing around my nose, eyes and lips as these are the areas that the mask usually lifts or slips around

8. Washing Your Face After Using a Sheet Mask and Throwing Away the Extra Essence

Again, this usually occurs because we didn’t read instructions. Most sheet masks are not meant to be washed off after and you should always save the extra liquid in the package and pat it into the skin after taking the mask off. Some do require you to pat on the extra liquid then wash ones face but most are essence based and should not be washed off.

Basically, don’t be like me, always read all the instructions!

9. Forgetting How Long The Mask Has Been On.

Moving on, number nine is a major no no! Leaving a mask on way too long, especially clay masks, can and will dry out your skin. It will not be more effective or work better. You can end up really irritating the skin.

The only mask I have ever found that I could leave on longer was the gel based English  Rose mask by The Body Shop (let me know if you guys want a full review on this). I also did tons of research before attempting to leave it on longer as well as experimenting with five minutes longer each time till I found my sweet spot. I do react terribly to this mask if I forget it’s on, so be very careful.

Most masks are rigorously tested before they are sold. Stick to the recommended times to get the best results and avoid causing more harm than good.

10. Inconsistency Or Using An Old Mask

So, I always get asked “why am not seeing the results from my mask?” and usually my first question is, “how many times did you use it and how often?”

See masking, much to my dismay, is not a miracle cure. Like all skincare, to get the best out of your mask it requires consistency. Most masks recommend using it at least 1-2 times a week to achieve long lasting results.

The only masks I’ve used that give you an instant lift is a sheet mask and this is because they’re designed for once off uses and the results are not as long lasting.

The other reason your mask will not be as potent as it claims is that it’s old. Once you have opened the mask up use it consistently. If you leave it to dry out or sit on the shelf for months between uses, it will lose it potency.

How many of these mistakes have you made? Let me know if fixing these mistakes helps you achieve the results you’re after in the comment section below.

Happy Masking,





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